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Regardless of how much time you decide to spend with me our date will always be special!
Upon arrival I will open the door in my very best and sexiest outfit; I will greet you and kiss you like my long lost boyfriend.

We will then proceed to have the conversation of our lives while we softly and gently caress each other.
Things will escalate to the conversation fading away until all we can hear is each other moaning in passion.
Clothes will be long gone! And after the most amazing and erotic time of our lives…..

A body to body massage and conversation comes back along with some wine and possibly cold cuts until then whatever happens next is totally up to us.

Upon your departure we will say our goodbyes and I think about our erotic time together and I will patiently wait for your return…….

So if you would like a frequent friend or a onetime GF Here I am!

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